My Zenni Optical addiction

I just got my 12th pair of Zenni glasses today, and I think that counts as an addiction. As a glasses wearer, I always used to have one pair of glasses that I paid a ton of money for and lived in constant fear of accidentally breaking, but then I found out about Zenni. I know I sound like an infomercial right now (“there’s got to be a better way!”) but I really do love their glasses. They’re super affordable—I literally paid under $12 for several of the pairs I have, and that’s including prescription lenses—and they come in tons of really fun styles.

Some of my Zenni Optical glasses

A few pairs of my Zenni glasses

If you want to give them a try, and you absolutely should because they’re amazing, you can use this link and save $5. The ones I just got are #4413825, if you’re interested.

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