New Lettering Procreate Brush Pack

This brush pack features six of my favorite Procreate lettering brushes, each with a unique, worn texture to add a little extra flare to your lettering.

The pack includes:

  • Antique brush
  • Vintage brush
  • Classic brush
  • Chalky brush
  • Stampy brush
  • Inky brush

Each brush features a custom shape or grain, not available in the Pro Library. The brushes all come with streamline on to make your lettering smoother, but you can always adjust the settings to make them fit your particular style.

These brushes will work with Procreate 3 or 4, though version 4 is recommended.

All brushes are pressure sensitive and work best on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil or another pressure-sensitive stylus.

View some examples here:

Download the brush pack on Creative Market or Etsy.