Hot Mess Procreate Brush Pack

The Hot Mess brush pack contains 4 messy brushes that add a fun, rustic texture to your writing. Each brush is unique and some use custom brush shapes or grains. The name of the pack was inspired by Katya from RuPaul’s Drag Race in a song lyric where she described herself as a “scorching hot mess in a skintight dress.” As a huge Katya fan, I knew I wanted to make some brushes inspired by her, and the Hot Mess pack was a perfect fit. I’ve used these brushes a lot for the May #LetterRu2 Instagram lettering challenge. You can download the Hot Mess pack from Creative Market or Etsy.

View examples of the Hot Mess brushes below.

Today's #letterru2 is for the one and only #detox. #rupaulsdragrace #dragrace #rpdr #letteringchallenge

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