Snowflake Procreate Brush pack now available on Creative Market

Snowflake brushes are now on Creative Market

It’s Thanksgiving break at work, which means I finally have time to work on some lettering and Procreate brushes. Today, I realized that I had never uploaded my fun holiday Snowflake Procreate brush set to Creative Market and went about revamping the mockup images and getting that sucker up on the site. I’m happy to announce that you can now get the Snowflake brush pack on Creative Market as well as Etsy.

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Here are some of the new mockups I made with the brush set.
Made on iPad Pro with Procreate and my Snowflake stamp brush pack
Made on iPad Pro with Procreate and my Snowflake stamp brush packHolidays are the perfect time for my Snowflake procreate brush pack Continue reading

New Procreate lettering brush – Not Too Shabby

Just released my latest Procreate lettering brush. This one is called Not Too Shabby. It has a grainy texture, kind of like an old, dry marker—or possibly chalk. I’ve been using this one for a while, but I didn’t have a name for it. Eventually, I settled on Not Too Shabby because it was giving me a bit of a Shabby Chic vibe with the worn, vintage texture.

It’s available now on Creative Market and Etsy, and as always, if you use it, tag @AlexisGentry on Instagram so I can see your cool art. Continue reading

Zazzle tote bags featuring my unique, fun seamless patterns

My Zazzle store is now open for business

I’ve spent the entire weekend adding designs to my Zazzle store and it’s finally ready to launch! The whole idea started when I wanted to make a cool gift for my mom, who loves Dia de los Muertos sugar skull art. I created a seamless pattern, thanks to an amazing tutorial from Abbie Nurse, and popped it into Zazzle to add to a tote bag. I wanted to test it out to see if the quality was up to the standard I was hoping for, and when it finally arrived, it was far beyond my expectations.

Sugar skull pattern tote bag on Zazzle

I was so happy with the way the bag turned out that I decided to open up a Zazzle store and start adding my patterns to other items.

The sugar skull bag is available below, and you can see all the items that feature my sugar skull pattern here.

View my store and find something you like here.

Check out a few other designs I created for tote bags below. Continue reading