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The South Park art show is my heaven


I just saw a tweet from @lynzway about a South Park art show in NYC. As I was clicking through the pics, I realized that Mrs. Way herself had a piece in the show, seen below. So, this finally makes a clear connection between two things I really like (My Chemical Romance and South Park) and completely explodes my mind grapes.

Boys Will Be Boys by  Lindsey Way

More amazing South Park art at laughingsquid.com

Glee does MCR


Glee will be covering My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” in an upcoming episode, but you can hear it right here.

It’s so bizarre to hear a My Chem song get the Glee treatment. I like that they made it huge and anthemic, but it’s just not a My Chemical Romance song without My Chemical Romance.

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Listen to My Chemical Romance’s new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys now!


The live streaming listening party from Dr. Death Defying’s lair is airing right now on MyChemicalRomance.com but you can also see it here:

Na Na Na video from My Chemical Romance out now


I’d recommend watching it in full screen. It’s way awesome!

The first single is out now!


In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m eagerly awaiting the new My Chemical Romance album, Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. The first single was just released–like, seriously a few minutes ago–on iTunes and there’s a new lyric video up on the band’s YouTube page. Check it out here.

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