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Best Monday ever! (Featuring the cast of Scott Pilgrim)


Last week, I got an email saying three members of the Scott Pilgrim vs the World cast would be in Denver for an interview, but it was scheduled for a morning when I would be at work. I was really bummed! Thankfully, my friend and new Trashwire writer Fatluggage was able to go do the interview and is working on a write up for Trashwire as I type this.

I rolled out of bed Monday morning, already feeling lousy that I wouldn’t get to meet Kieran Culkin, someone I’d wanted to meet since I was a kid. I turned the TV on to our morning show on FOX31 and heard them say that the cast would be in the studio later that morning for an interview. The studio? But that’s where I was headed! I threw on my clothes and booked it to work.

When I arrived, I heard the cast being interviewed just a couple feet behind the fake wall that divided my desk from the main floor of the studio. Oh my god! Kieran, Brandon Routh and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were right there! I would get to meet them after all!

As things wrapped up and they went to commercial, I slipped behind the wall and managed to get a picture of the cast, and another picture with the cast!

Kieran was way taller than I was expecting. After seeing him in Igby Goes Down–which I absolutely love–and after seeing how short Gerard and Mikey Way were when I saw them at Comic Con, I was sure that he would be tiny. He wasn’t. He was about my height, which isn’t super tall, but still taller than I thought, and he was kinda built. It was a surprise. He was also really attractive. I’d always thought he was cute, but he was down right hot, enough to distract me from Superman himself, Brandon Routh. Now, that’s not to say that Brandon wasn’t smokin’ hot. He definitely was. He was a total babe: tall, chiseled features, rockin’ bod. I was super jealous of Mary Elizabeth Winstead because she got to be in a movie with these two dudes and Michael Cera, who wasn’t on this press tour.

It was hard to concentrate on work for about an hour after this as it dawned on me that I just met Superman and my favorite Culkin! I kept looking at the picture on my phone just to make sure it was real and I hadn’t slept in and dreamed it all. It was real. It was awesome and it proved that the past few weeks have been my best ever. Everything’s coming up Milhouse for me these days!

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