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My interview with ValleyoftheSuns.com


If you haven’t already seen my tweets about this, here’s a link to my interview with ValleyoftheSuns.com about the NBA and social media. Check it out!

safe_image.phpWhen Suns head coach @AlvinGentry first started tweeting, he credited his daughter for getting him to join Twitter.

So who better to go to for the second part of ValleyoftheSuns’ in-depth look at social media and the NBA than Alexis Gentry herself?

OK, so the head coach has only sent out a happy Fourth of July tweet since the draft lottery, but he provided some insightful commentary on the Suns’ season last year and promises to do so again this season.

Alexis answered a couple of my questions via e-mail about how her dad got on Twitter, what grade she’d give him as a tweeter and what she’s doing with her entertainment Web site, Trashwire.com.

Read the rest at ValleyoftheSuns.com http://valleyofthesuns.com/2009/09/15/talking-twitter-with-the-coachs-daughter/

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