Snowflake Procreate Brush pack now available on Creative Market

Snowflake brushes are now on Creative Market

It’s Thanksgiving break at work, which means I finally have time to work on some lettering and Procreate brushes. Today, I realized that I had never uploaded my fun holiday Snowflake Procreate brush set to Creative Market and went about revamping the mockup images and getting that sucker up on the site. I’m happy to announce that you can now get the Snowflake brush pack on Creative Market as well as Etsy.

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Here are some of the new mockups I made with the brush set.
Made on iPad Pro with Procreate and my Snowflake stamp brush pack
Made on iPad Pro with Procreate and my Snowflake stamp brush packHolidays are the perfect time for my Snowflake procreate brush pack Continue reading

New Procreate lettering brush – Not Too Shabby

Just released my latest Procreate lettering brush. This one is called Not Too Shabby. It has a grainy texture, kind of like an old, dry marker—or possibly chalk. I’ve been using this one for a while, but I didn’t have a name for it. Eventually, I settled on Not Too Shabby because it was giving me a bit of a Shabby Chic vibe with the worn, vintage texture.

It’s available now on Creative Market and Etsy, and as always, if you use it, tag @AlexisGentry on Instagram so I can see your cool art. Continue reading

Halloween brushes are on sale now at Etsy

Halloween spooky sale on Etsy

Halloween is one of few truly great holidays. You don’t have to deal with feuding family members and costume pajamas are perfectly acceptable attire. Not to mention, it’s one of the few occasions when you can eat candy all day and nobody bats an eye. My personal favorite thing about it is that it’s a holiday that celebrates creativity. Halloween is a DIY dream. You can create your own unique costume, decorate your house, and even make your own tasty treats to share with friends.

Recently, I created a Procreate brush pack that’s all about Halloween. It includes several fun lettering brushes and a cool skull pattern brush. You can pick it up on Etsy and Creative Market right now.

But wait, there’s more!

For the next week, you can get all my brushes for 40% off on Etsy with the code AGHALLOWEEN. This means you can get the Halloween brush pack, Shady Lady, the Mandala pack, and even my hand-lettered fonts for 40% off the regular price. This code won’t be around forever, so I’d encourage you to swing by Etsy and get some cool new stuff today!